Our Mission

  • Implement an infrastructure for clinical genomic sequencing and interpretation.
  • Build public trust in genomic medicine.
  • Urge insurance companies to reimburse genome sequencing in clinical settings.

With the rapid accumulation of knowledge on the genetics of human diseases over the next few years, we will be ready to gradually translate this knowledge into characterization of individual patients in clinical settings.

We envision that Genomic Medicine will be an indispensable clinical tool for diagnosis and prognosis, and our efforts through IGM will significantly accelerate the public awareness and implementation of Genomic Medicine.

Our Interaction

Patients are not just anonymous “subjects” in our research studies. Instead, we talk to patients and their families directly, and we aim to return research results to them in a scientifically rigorous manner.

A Real Story

Leslie, a six-year old girl, has suffered from several episodes of severe seizures ever since she was born. Not knowing the exact cause of the seizures, she was treated with epilepsy drugs, which may have caused adverse reactions over time and delayed normal intellectual and physiological development. After consulting with experienced cytogeneticists, she was diagnosed with a previously unreported chromosomal imbalanced translocation, but the exact genetic cause of the seizures remains a mystery.

Leslie is one of the patients being helped by IGM. We have performed whole-genome sequencing of Leslie and are identifying the exact genes underpinning the seizures, and this information may help in guiding future treatment options.

“I put my trust in IGM because of their dedication to find the exact cause ...”

How We Operate

We reach out to selected patients who may benefit from genome sequencing the most, given their clinical information and all prior knowledge on the diseases. Our doctors collect blood samples from the patients, and then work with CLIA-certified laboratories to obtain sequencing data. Our bioinformaticians analyze the data and generate tiered interpretation of the data. Our genetic counselors and data analysts then return the results to patients and physicians. At the same time, the patient can optionally participate in our IRB-approved research study, so that information from his/her genome can contribute to our understanding of human genetic variation and human diseases.

Ways to Give

IGM pays to perform whole-genome sequencing on patients, analyze the sequence data and return the results to patients and their families. These costs are unfortunately typically not reimbursed by insurance companies. Our operation therefore relies completely on contributions from donors and the founders.

Currently, IGM is established under the auspices of Utah Foundation for Biomedical Research, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving lives through the advancement of science. We are a registered 501(c)3 organization. Your gift to IGM is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Who We Are

The Institute for Genomic Medicine (IGM) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization associated with the Utah Foundation for Biomedical Research, aiming to promote the implementation of Genomic Medicine.

The leadership of IGM consists of: Dr. Gholson Lyon, Dr. Reid Robison, Dr. Kai Wang, and Dr. Clark Johnson. There are currently a team of volunteers working to expand IGM.

Dr. Gholson LyonDr. Reid RobisonDr. Kai WangDr. Clark Johnson

We want to make every kid happy

Your genome, your medicine.


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